Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jaguar F-Type


The F-Type convertible was launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, following its display at the Good wood Festival of Speed in June 2012,and is billed as a successor to the legendary E-Type. It was developed following the positive reaction to Jaguar's C-X16 concept car at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Sales will begin in 2013 with three engine choices; two variants of the AJ126 V6 petrol engine and the AJ133 V8 petrol engine.The F-type is a proper two-seat sports car, with aluminium construction, heaps of tech and strong performance from its V6 and V8 engines.The F-type goes on sale in April 2013, and will cost from £58,500. It's pitched in the gap between Porsche Boxster S and 911, though it's as long and tall as a 911, and a bit wider. The F-type is engineered to take other front-engine, rear-drive roadsters (think SLK and Z4) to the cleaners.
'We've worked hard to make sure responses to steering, throttle and brakes are absolutely immediate, a task made far easier by the F-type's rigid aluminium structure,' says Jaguar's dynamics guru Mike Cross. 'It's precise and exciting, and it sounds fantastic!'Jaguar executives are bouncing off the rev limiter with excitement about their new baby, which will be launched first as a roadster, then as the two-seat coupe previewed by last year's C-X16 concept car. They're all particularly proud of the technical detail that's gone into the F-type.
This keeps weight down to 1597kg for the base V6 - though that's still a hefty 247kg heavier than a Boxster S - topping out at 1665kg for the V8. The Jag's architecture helps provide a stiff backbone for the all-round double wishbone suspension, enabling Crossy's team to precisely fine-tune it to ensure the F-type responds rapidly and progressively to driver inputs.
The engineers have strived to get the best weight distribution, locating the battery and washer bottle in the boot for example, and funneling as much mass as possible between the wheels to boost agility and stability. If you get stuck for conversation with a Jaguar engineer, play hunt the weight saving to discover how they shaved 2 kilos from the windscreen, 5 kilos from the engine and bumper mounts, 24 kilos from the seats and so on.
As all bedroom engineers know, reducing weight not only enhances performance but boosts economy. Throw in stop/start across the range, and the V6 models conceivably return just over 30 mpg - but not if you drive them as Cross and Callum would encourage.
Power is sent to the rear wheels by an eight-speed automatic transmission, which sounds at odds with the car's character.
Paddle-operated and dubbed 'Quick shift', the transmission features a locking clutch in second gear and above, sidelining the torque converter to ensure rapid-fire shifts. Clever electronics monitor how the car is being driven, and can select up to 25 different transmission programmers to ensure the drive train is in sync with even the most ballistic driver.The soft-top roof takes 12 sec to fold away at speeds of up to 30 mph. Inside there are twin analogue dials, like a proper old-school sports car should have, and a seating position almost as low as the Boxster's. If you're scouring the dashboard for air vents, give up now: they're hidden behind a pop-up panel on the dash top. Housing them in the dashboard would have increased its height, and impacted on the seating position.


Name : F-Type Roadster
Model : V6
Car Body Type : Roadster
Segment : D+ Segment
Top Speed : 260


Displacement : 2995cc, V6
Engine Type : Petrol
Maximum Power : 335 Bhp
Maximum Torque : No


Length : 4445 mm
Width : 2048 mm
Height : 1297 mm


Airbag : 8
Parking Sensors : Yes
Fog Lamp : Yes
Traction Control : Yes
EBD : Yes
ABS : Yes
ESP : Yes


AC : AC (with Dual Zone Climate Control)
Power Windows : Yes
Central Locking : Remote
Remote Boot : Yes
Remote Fuel Filler : Yes
Rear Wiper : No
Rear Defogger : Yes
Rear Armrest : No
Steering Adjustment (Rake/Reach) : Yes/Yes
Driver Seat Adjustment : Electric
Music System : Yes, Dash Integrated
Leather Seats : Yes
Door Mirror : Both Side Electric
Tinted Glass : Yes
Rear AC Vent : No
Folding Rear Seats : No
Sun Roof : No
Buttons/Controls on Steering : Yes
Auto Viper : Yes
Auto Headlamp : Yes


Seating Capacity : 2
Tyre Size : R18
Suspension : No
Steering : Tilt
Brakes : Front Ventilated, Rear Disk
Gears : 8 Automatic
Kerb Weight : 1600.00 kgs.
Body Color Bumpers : Yes
Tachometer : Yes
Alloys : Yes
ORVM Indicator : Yes
Xenon Headlamps : Yes
Trip Meter : 2
Headlamp Washer : No

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