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BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series
About BMW-7 Series : 
The BMW 7 Series redefines the way one would look at luxury, styling and driving dynamics.This car is a luxury cruiser not a race car so if you are looking for something like that then go the other way. If you are worried about matinance and upkeep on the car get one with lower miles and one that comes with records. And get a pre-inspection from your mechanic of choice it can save you a heartache. Even if the miles are kinda high as long as its been taken care of and up on routine or regular matenance and the suspension addressed the car can last you a long time. An expanded 123.1 inch wheelbase on the 750Li equates to additional leg room in the already luxurious interior. The front seats have 20-way power adjust. The leather, power tilt/telescopic steering wheel offers both audio and phone controls (with one programmable control.) The 760Li features Ash wood interior and premium leather trim. Both rear climate control and a coolbox are among the available amenities. (Estimated fuel economy is 14/22.).The engine of the sedan provides for a surge of power and also has the smoothest of gear shifts. The interiors provide the right style that compliments the exterior of the car. The use of high quality materials further enhances the appeal at the inside. The BMW 7 Series sedan comes fully packed with latest safety features. Like every BMW, there can be no questions asked about the slippery car.
Interior Design

The front of the car has sleek streamlined double headlights, with clear lens fog lamps on the body coloured bumpers. The rear end of the vehicle has some good sparkling tail lamps cluster. The five-seater sedan offers unmatched comfort and luxury to its passengers. The interiors of BMW 7 Series sedan offer a great atmosphere for the occupants. The interiors do delight the people occupying the car and obviously this feeling does last throughout the ride. A peaceful and luxurious ambience is created by the seats that are upholstered in the finest of leather. The car looks spacious and quiet obviously it is. Models of BMW 7 Series sedan get iDrive control for the audio, navigation and climate control settings.

Excellent Styling and enough Interior leg room space on the IL models, Gas milage for a V8 if you drive the car like its ment too not as a race car, You can go as low as 87 octane in the car if necessary however you will sacrafice on Hp but not to bad the cars computer will retard the timing to compensate for the lower octane besides premium 91 octane. Drives on the road smooth and graceful.BMW 7 Series sedan offers both petrol and diesel-driven vehicles. The 740Li variant is powered by a 4000cc 8-cylinders petrol engine, which delivers a power of 306. The 750Li variants comes equipped with a 4799 cc 8-cylinders engine, which churns out a power of 360.  A maximum power of 439 by 5972 cc 12-cylinders petrol engine which is fitted in the 760 Li. The diesel engine of 730Ld variant produces a power of 319. The twelve-cylinder engine delivers astounding power and smoothness. The diesel engineering is best exemplified by the straight six-cylinder diesel engine found in the BMW 730Ld variant. All the engines of BMW 7 Series sedan are coupled with a seamless six speed automatic transmission, which ensures smoothness in changing gears.
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), an electronic chassis control system, is standard in all the variants of BMW 7 Series sedan. DSC constantly monitors the operation of wheels and chassis. The DSC is aimed at controlling the traction of the vehicle, the system also prevents the vehicle from skidding. The Electronic Damper Control (EDC) of the automobile modifies the stiffness of the precisely tuned suspension system, in accordance with the current driving condition. This ensures a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads. Moreover, the suspension systems have been made firm for higher speeds.

BMW-7 Series engine which has been made by the company BMW only with help of an intelligent engineers. This engine will used in some of the series like i3 series, 5 series, 7 series and all. Specially this engine will used in those cars only with an awesome pickup, with an huge horse power and also it runs like a sports car.
 BMW-7 Series with high security locks and safety protection.

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